A nano confession

I gave up last week. I tried, but between writer’s block, depression, illness, and just being a mom, I fell behind and couldn’t get back up to speed. Meh, Nano is fun, but really, I have to keep my eyes on the prize. Which is keeping far ahead of my publishing schedule. And I’m doing […]

Nano no no and crumbles

Still not writing much. I have totally blown my lead. But maybe today. I’ve been stuck on a scene, and trying to work my way through it. But putting my mental issues aside, let’s talk about stuff that’s already written. The Hunted. Why am I bringing this up? Because a friend found this fabulous little […]

Bring on the old?

Nanowrimo is going well. I’m keeping my two day lead. I will hopefully expand on it this weekend, but really I had a revelation this week. I was researching something I used in a previous story, my first novel in fact. The one I was scared of. See about a year ago, there was this […]

Hello, NaNoWriMo

I’m 7k and one story in! So yes, I am drafting and keep myself ahead of schedule. I need the extra wordage, since we host Thanksgiving at our place. If fact, tomorrow I’m doing a deep clean of the kitchen since the kids have off of school. But the drafting goes well. Knowing the characters […]


I have been staring at this blog for an hour. The truth is, with Nanowrimo coming up, I have nothing much to talk about.  I did get some help with a translation, which was awesome and so, so cool. More on that next month. And I read a friend’s book, well her partial draft. She’s […]

Nothing to do

Well, I have critiquing to do, and I have been doing it, but writing for me… Nope. Nada. Nothing. Wendigo needs proofreading (as always), but really, nothing until I listen to it in a few weeks. And I’m trying not to draft until Nanowrimo. Yes, I AM doing Nanowrimo. I’m hoping to finish my Mina […]