Still on that chapter

And I have been writing. It’s just that this is a fight scene, and one I am rewriting from a new character’s POV. So I’m not just fixing up the fight, but rewriting big chunks of it because Barb wouldn’t know what a trained warrior would. It’s exhausting, mentally. It’s one thing to switch POV between characters with […]

Matching styles

I’m starting to feel sorry for my critiquers, because my novel is a touch… bipolar. At this point, I’m really frankensteining the thing. There’s a lot of cutting and pasting bits of chapters, and then dashing off 100 or so words to tie it all together. Which is fairly normal for the third draft. The real […]

Pocket Watch Character Spotlight Blog Hop

So one of my favorite writing groups is doing a blog hop today about our favorite characters. You should check them out too! There’s Sarah who will talk about her most adorably broken Nate. Jeanne and her Pony, a centaur of a different color. Amelia and her original monster, Theron, and his human lover, Alex. And […]


Remember a few weeks back when I put out a call for an artist? Well, somebody answered the call! And now the lovely Ms Ashley and I are making Uncommon Animals into a web comic! (Please go like that facebook page that I have now linked twice. Ms Ashley runs it, and she’ll have more updates and art […]

Back to the Beginning

This is supposed to be a daily blog. As in I write about writing every day. That’s kind of the damn point. But every now and then, I cheat and write one ahead of time. See, I started working on my novels again, and they are a different animal from my novellas. They are complex […]


I’m almost there. The final Mina and Matty story is almost done. I have one last fight scene to write, and then it’s all wrap up. Okay, the action sequences are one paragraph descriptions, that will need to be replaced. But I usually have to rewrite them multiple times anyway. Right now, it’s all about finishing […]

Chelsea Childling: Newbie Monster Hunter

This is my free flash series, and it’s only available through my new newsletter, which is bi-monthly. The first story comes out on Friday, so sign up to read about Chelsea and Jackson. Moving on. I’m writing, just not what I want to be. In my defense, I do have a few (flash) projects that need to […]

So I did a thing…

All the other writers are doing it, so I thought, maybe I should too! So, yes, I made a mailing list! I promise not to bombard you with stuff. I’m thinking twice a month. Once on publishing day, and again about two weeks later. That second one will be the sole home of my flash […]

New Years Revelation

So all my friends are posting their New Year’s Writing Resolutions. And here I am, coffee and stuffed French toast, and I realized that writing-wise, I’m in a good place. I mean, I’m always learning and trying to improve, but really I’m good. I wished I had finished the finale of the final series, still […]


Comes out tomorrow! Though you can pre-order it from Amazon. This story has a story. And it starts with the original Mina and Matty story: The Hunted. See, I was writing something for a competition, and I desperately needed names. So I stole them from a friend’s book, with permission. So Sam and Rick, became […]