One Book at a Time

It’s the downside of professional and personal freedom. I don’t have the big marketing machine. It’s just me and my (currently non-existent) advertising budget. My friend, Gina Drayer, once said that being an indie writer  on a tight budget means selling one book at a time. My latest book, Hedge Doctor: Prom is the best example […]

Final polish

The writing ADHD is here. Where every word choice is analyzed. Where I search for go to words, and erase them to go toward poetry. I hate this part of editing. I know, I know. This is where the writing gets ‘good.’ But this is also where the sheer fussiness of writing can and will drive a […]

Hedge Doctor: Prom

We are live, people! Jeff Hanson is not quite the average high school senior. He’s a hedge doctor, a witch called to heal people using herbs. His green touch not only grows plants, but enhances their magical and mystical properties. Jeff spends more time patching up monster hunters than he does in classes. But when […]

Back on the ball

My deadline for Hedge Doctor: Prom is coming up. It’s done. It’s been grammar checked by a friend who is way, way better than myself. Really, all I have to do is finish reading it out loud to the husband, the final step in eliminating awkward phrasing. But I could have done that any time in […]