So yesterday

I lamented that my friends probably wouldn’t have the time to help me get Humans ready for publication. Holy crap was I wrong. No less than seven people stepped up and read through the story, Typos were caught, emotion miscues recued, and most importantly, I know that newbies can pick this up and follow along. I’ll […]

Of course…

So here I am, trying to do all that last minute Christmas stuff, and in the middle of it, I decide to revamp Humans just a few days before it’s due to Amazon. I sent out the word, begging my friends to give it a once over.  I’m hoping people have the time, but I’m […]

Still troping

So, I was trying to prove a point, that even if you don’t know about tropes, you still use them. And I went over a friend’s chapter, literally listing tropes as I went. Now people are asking me to do their chapters, with discussion of the tropes in question. Which is surprisingly exhausting, as well […]

Holiday Crush

My cookie jar is empty, which is a crime this time of year. But no baking this afternoon. The oldest has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and the youngest turns five tomorrow. I have cakes to bake, cookies to bake, a house to clean, and I’m OUT OF WINE. Also, my husband’s present might not […]

Hello Christmas!

Yes, it is that that time of year again. And really, I’m super stoked. I LOVE this holiday! But, I’m really, really glad I don’t have a ton to do writing-wise this year. Last year, I decided to start the Uncommon Animals series in December. I had no cover, just an idea for one. This month, […]

Santa’s Amazon

I am six feet of Christmas cheer about to descend on you! Yeah, I love the holidays. And since I’m fairly positive that Black Friday is a societal cancer, devoid of everything that makes this time of year wonderful, I spend mine decorating and making cookies. So very, very little writing is going to happen […]

It’s that time of year.

For perhaps the first time in my life, I am thankful for Snow. Being the baker at Thanksgiving means I went to town today. Two pies (apple and pumpkin), banana bread, prepped a bread pudding for tomorrow, and made a pound of fudge. But a heavy snow fall had the kids outside despite school being cancelled, […]