Back on the ball

My deadline for Hedge Doctor: Prom is coming up. It’s done. It’s been grammar checked by a friend who is way, way better than myself. Really, all I have to do is finish reading it out loud to the husband, the final step in eliminating awkward phrasing. But I could have done that any time in […]

It never ends

Got all of Uncommon Animals updated with all the new links. Today I switch over to Monsters of Pittsburgh, None of this is hard, per se. It’s just tedious. And it would a lot easier if whatever plant that triggered my allergies would stop flowering. I feel like my nose is about to explode off […]

Cold, wet, St. Patrick’s Day

Thanks to the cold rain today, I kind of feel like this guy is gnawing on my knees. But good news, with walking being painful, I’ve been critiquing again. So yay, I feel less like a taker than I have been on that front. Writing wise, I’ve been working on comic scripts and dossiers for my […]

Work and Play

Several of my writerly friends consider me to be…. a touch of a workaholic when it comes to writing. And maybe I am . Today for example, I have to finish drafting a contract, and then start whipping out scripts. (I’ll tell more about that project soon!) I also spent the week rereading one of my […]

You ever feel like one of your characters?

I usually don’t. But right now, I’m having a Dean Stanton thought. When did 33 degrees become relative warmth? Because after the last few weeks, today feels downright balmy. I am actually thankful for this weather. *shakes my head* But on the writing front. I’m plugging away on half a dozen projects as usual. I […]


So my next task on my maintenance checklist was creating social media banners for Hedge Doctor. It’s a stupid thing, made harder by the fact that all social media has different sized banners, cover photos, whatever. I sat down, opened my Powerpoint (which, yes, is where I put together my book covers, though I use different […]

Maintenance Continues

Yes,I’m still cleaning house. I gave myself one task a day for the next ten days. Today, I finally created templates for my newsletter. But after I did that, I got bored. So I went to work on my sequel to Hedge Doctor… and nope nothing. Don’t wanna. I opened up the lastest Chelsea Childling story… […]

Maintenance Week

Werewolves is turned in and as clean as I can get it. And because I was feeling ambitious I also turned in the Omnibus Edition of Monsters of Pittsburgh And so starts Maintenance Week. Every three or four months, I have work to do for the publishing side of the business, whether it’s making banners […]