So my next task on my maintenance checklist was creating social media banners for Hedge Doctor. It’s a stupid thing, made harder by the fact that all social media has different sized banners, cover photos, whatever. I sat down, opened my Powerpoint (which, yes, is where I put together my book covers, though I use different […]

Maintenance Continues

With Werewolves mere days away, it’s time for me to start cleaning the joint. Today was wordpress day. As you can see, I have the new header, and if you press the widgets button… TADA! I send you to buy my books! Because there can never be too many links to help you support my […]

Looking for a post

Yeah, I’ve been staring at the screen for a few moments, trying to think of something to write.  Things are pretty quiet here. The kids are at school. Sheepsquatch is more or less ready to go.   I’ll listen to it the audio tomorrow (and I’ll live tweet it), but really that’s for my peace […]

Word Tics

Every writer has them. Words and phrases you use over and over. And as soon as you catch one and destroy it another one pops up. Yes, I spent last night writing sentences to get rid of one of my word tics. But Succubus is better for it and much closer to being ready for […]

It’s a start

  It’s blurry, I know, but my short story, Hunting, hit  #22 on the Kindle Short Reads list yesterday. So I’m pretty stoked about that. Still looking at different ways to market and get the word out, because the weeks between now and publishing the first Monsters of Pittsburgh story are pretty long. Anything can […]

Insecure Writer’s Support Group – One Day

It’s time for the monthly airing of insecurities! *Kate, you’re a day early…* Yes, logical self I know, but I have a blog hop tomorrow, and I hate posting twice in one day. So, here we go:   I’m not selling any stories. It’s super frustrating. At first, I told myself, it’s because I’m writing […]

Free Book Friday!

This week’s offering is the second Uncommon Animals story: Hunting In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mina Grekov has finally been reunited with her brother Matty, and she’s ready to start hunting monsters again. The only downside is his new best friend. Rick is everything Mina ran from years before, a Speaker. Rick’s ashamed of his past. Being […]

Final Stretch

I finished the second Jeff story yesterday.  I’m two-thirds of the way done, and the final stretch is in sight. So I took my kids to the pool and then napped the rest of the day. Today, I’ll start to push myself and see if I can can’t get this bad boy written in a week. […]

Both a blessing and a curse

I’m pretty sure that I have ADD. I know, I know, self-diagnosis is THE most obnoxious thing ever, but my oldest has been professionally diagnosed with ADHD, and my parents often chuckle when I tell them stories about his day, and usually find a similar story about me. So I think I’m on safe ground […]

My book!

So, I finally did it. It’s all ready for sale. The hard copy of the omnibus edition. Yes, Uncommon Animals is a real, dead tree book!     So here’s deal, the hard copy book is only available through Amazon, but (and this is the really cool part), if you buy the $2.99 ebook, you […]