It’s the first Monday of the month, and that means a new Chelsea Childling story. A human, non-magical, non-super powered, completely mundane person who hunts monsters? Are you in? The stories come out the first Monday of the month at noon PST and are absolutely free. Sometimes, you might get an ad for my webcomic or […]


So the betas are all over Red Witch, and a few are even combing The Haven again. But these are dense books that require concentration… and Red Witch is still finding it’s way, and that’s a long complicated process that will take years to finish… In other words,  I’m bored. This isn’t to knock my […]

Final polish

The writing ADHD is here. Where every word choice is analyzed. Where I search for go to words, and erase them to go toward poetry. I hate this part of editing. I know, I know. This is where the writing gets ‘good.’ But this is also where the sheer fussiness of writing can and will drive a […]

Hedge Doctor: Prom

We are live, people! Jeff Hanson is not quite the average high school senior. He’s a hedge doctor, a witch called to heal people using herbs. His green touch not only grows plants, but enhances their magical and mystical properties. Jeff spends more time patching up monster hunters than he does in classes. But when […]

Maintenance Continues

With Werewolves mere days away, it’s time for me to start cleaning the joint. Today was wordpress day. As you can see, I have the new header, and if you press the widgets button… TADA! I send you to buy my books! Because there can never be too many links to help you support my […]

I’m back, baby!

Got my flash for Valentine’s Day written. Got some critiques for friends done (still not caught up, but a ton closer than I was). Figured out why I’m not liking the ending to the last Mina and Matty story (continuity snarl!). I feel like my brain is functioning again. Hopefully, this lasts for a while. […]

Whoa, almost forgot

I’ve been super busy editing Part Five of Monsters of Pittsburgh that I completely forgot to write a blog post today. Doesn’t help that I no longer write these first thing in the morning. But I’m feeling much better about Part Three (Talasam) and Part Five (Human). And please don’t forget, Sheepsquatch is now available […]

Gearing up

I’m getting back on the publishing train. And I do like Amazon pre-order. Sure I kind of wish there was some sort of preview beyond the book cover, but people can see exactly when things are coming out! And I have deadlines that I have to keep! I like deadlines! So my busy time is a […]