Pocket Watch Character Spotlight Blog Hop

So one of my favorite writing groups is doing a blog hop today about our favorite characters. You should check them out too! There’s Sarah who will talk about her most adorably broken Nate. Jeanne and her Pony, a centaur of a different color. Amelia and her original monster, Theron, and his human lover, Alex. And […]


From my latest novella, Sheepsquatch: Rick watched Mina storm off. He wasn’t sure why she was upset, but she obviously was. He wondered if he’d done something else. You’ve done enough already. He tried to push away the guilt. He hadn’t done anything wrong. He’d only asked her out. She’d been clear that dating wasn’t […]


Today’s scene is from my latest novella, Sheepsquatch: Surprise stopped Mina when she stepped into the stockroom of Rita’s bar. It had been transformed into a makeshift clinic. Pallets of beer had been covered with thin, snowy-white blankets. A boy with shaggy, pale hair and a soccer uniform stood by one. The impromptu table held […]


I’m working on a flash piece for blog hop, so a little distracted today. Look for a scene tomorrow. Not my flash piece, I’m thinking something from Sheepsquatch.

Whoa, almost forgot

I’ve been super busy editing Part Five of Monsters of Pittsburgh that I completely forgot to write a blog post today. Doesn’t help that I no longer write these first thing in the morning. But I’m feeling much better about Part Three (Talasam) and Part Five (Human). And please don’t forget, Sheepsquatch is now available […]

Sheepsquatch is here!

Yes, yes you can finally read about Sheepsquatch! Things are heating up in the Steel City. Rick and Mina still haven’t dealt with the aftermath of the succubus hunt. When their distraction leads to Mina getting hurt, both of them know that something needs to be said. But a cute demon hunter from West Virginia […]


Yup, tomorrow we meet the Sheepsquatch.  Okay, yes, I love the name sheepsquatch, but no I didn’t make it up. Sheepsquatch is a ‘real’ cryptid from West Virginia. I took some liberties, as I always do, but made sure to keep it true to the spirit of the monster.  And I was very careful not […]

T-minus two days

Sheepsquatch in two days!   I hope the title intrigues readers as much as it my betas. I had a lot of fun with this monster. Me though, I’m already prepping Talasam for next month.   I want to tweak the cover a little, and I’m finally happy with content. Now it’s two weeks of […]

Live tweeting

Today at 1 PM EST, I’ll be listening to Sheepsquatch for errors and live tweeting (@EdiesHaven). The text to speech function is HILARIOUS when you write Urban Fantasy, so I’ll be entertained to no end. Hopefully, I’ll be entertaining to other people as well.

Looking for a post

Yeah, I’ve been staring at the screen for a few moments, trying to think of something to write.  Things are pretty quiet here. The kids are at school. Sheepsquatch is more or less ready to go.   I’ll listen to it the audio tomorrow (and I’ll live tweet it), but really that’s for my peace […]