Saturday Scenes

  This weeks offering is from Succubus: “So, what do we do?” She paused. “No idea just yet. Usually by now Matty tells me what to attack.” Rick snorted as the thralled waitress hurried to an area roped off by velvet. He pointed to a man with a crew cut, dressed in black sitting by […]

Three weeks out

Sheepsquatch comes out in three weeks.   I’m surprisingly un-nervous. It took me a little time to get the ending right, but that’s not unusual. Finding an ending that both ends the story AND wants to make you read more is challenging. I usually end up revising all my endings extensively. But, this one is […]


Publishing day came and went. Succubus had a better opening day than anything else, which is gratifying. Building an audience takes time, but I think I’m actually doing it. So now my attention switches to Sheepsquatch A ‘real’ cryptid from West Virginia. I took some liberties, because I do, but I choose this monster because […]