The other side of the business

I finished my Nanowrimo ahead of schedule, which is great, because I have sorely been neglecting my publishing business. Which I know sounds weird since finishing my Jeff stories means I have enough material to publish for a year. But self-publishing isn’t just about the writing. I am my own marketing team. Which is why  I […]

Both a blessing and a curse

I’m pretty sure that I have ADD. I know, I know, self-diagnosis is THE most obnoxious thing ever, but my oldest has been professionally diagnosed with ADHD, and my parents often chuckle when I tell them stories about his day, and usually find a similar story about me. So I think I’m on safe ground […]

Aiming for the stars

The Omnibus Edition is just about to hit (metaphoric) shelves, and I’m an odd mix of excited and scared… and wistful. All of this hard work the last year or so is aimed at getting an editor for my free novel, my 130k fantasy epic. Editors cost money and my book is just too big […]

Hunter’s Moon

It’s here! It’s here!   The seventh and final story in the Uncommon Animals series. Mina and Matty finally found the home they always wanted. They’ve settled into a routine of normalcy, working by day, hunting demons at night. But their lives are about to get complicated. The Tribes want them back, and they aren’t […]


AHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Go here, and get free stories! Or here! Or here! You can get the first six Uncommon Animals stories for free this week. The grand finale, Hunter’s Moon will be released this Sunday for $0.99 on Amazon. But before you snag that, you can (and should!), get caught up on the first six stories… […]


I got everything done. Got my stories edited and up on Smashwords. Messed with all the margins and page breaks until it fit their criteria. And now it’s back to work. I need to get the second series cleaned up. The more I get done now, the easier the publishing run.  I worked on my […]

Procrastination Station

I woke up Saturday ready to get all my new stuff up on the critique site. This is involves me critiquing other people’s work. And to my utter delight two of my favorite fellow writers had posted new stuff. But when I fired up my email, I saw that the KDP select time on Amazon […]