The Power of Symbolism

Just been thinking about of symbols and the power they hold over people lately. Decided to do what I do best, and write it all out. So this a short that would be taking place during Uncommon Animals, right before Hunter’s Moon. And it’s from Sonja’s point of view, because I didn’t do enough of […]

Saturday Scenes: Hunted Down

  Today’s scene comes from Hunted Down, Part Five of the Uncommon Animals series: “Hey man, get up. Let’s go for a run.” Rick’s boisterous voice bounced around Matty’s bedroom. The white cinder block walls silenced the outside world, but anything inside them was magnified. Matty rolled over and buried his face in his thin […]

We do it to ourselves, ladies

I like writing characters. That sounds weird, but I like watching characters grow and change. Mina in The Hunted is not Mina in Hunter’s Moon. Oh, she’s still got a temper, and she has a few odd quirks about Speakers, but she’s in a very different place mentally and emotionally. So, I had a lot […]