The return of Free Book Friday

Yes, yes, yes. Tomorrow you can snag Monsters of Pittsburgh: Succubus, for free.   But as for today, I’m doing a quick proofread of Last Call, trying to find some weak spots. I’m super ahead on Hedge Doctor thanks to my grammar guru. I should have the ebook loaded to Amazon a few weeks ahead […]

We be live!

It’s September 8th and that means publishing day! The Steel City has never been colder for Rick and Mina. On the rebound, they’ve spent the last three months doing nothing but sparring and killing monsters. In an attempt to break out of their rut, they decide to spend the night dancing and boozing at a […]

You know what?

September should not be the hottest part of the damn year. I should be looking at  hoodies not tank tops.  Yeah, I’m sweating over here. This is no fun. Regardless, I need a project. I’m never happier than when I’m drafting something new. With any luck, I’ll have an idea in the next few days. […]

Gearing up

I’m getting back on the publishing train. And I do like Amazon pre-order. Sure I kind of wish there was some sort of preview beyond the book cover, but people can see exactly when things are coming out! And I have deadlines that I have to keep! I like deadlines! So my busy time is a […]

Saturday Scenes

Since it’s up on pre-order, I thought I’d give everybody a little taste of Succubus: Most demon hunters were morning drinkers. Alcohol washed away the terrors after a night of killing monsters. At ten o’clock on a Friday night, Rita’s bar should have been empty. Instead, the glossy, wooden chairs were filled with people who […]

Sleep! I got some!

Not a ton, but more than I have been the past few weeks. Tonight, I’ll be putting the finishing touches on Succubus, which is nerve wracking as hell. I normally LIKE waiting until the last possible second to catch typos and missing words. However, the pre-order system on Amazon wants some reassurances, so I have […]

Word Tics

Every writer has them. Words and phrases you use over and over. And as soon as you catch one and destroy it another one pops up. Yes, I spent last night writing sentences to get rid of one of my word tics. But Succubus is better for it and much closer to being ready for […]

Master Procrastinator

I am amazing at procrastinating. I know most people would consider writing my daily blog the night before the opposite of procrastinating.  The kicker is that it’s supposed to be a daily exercise. Now granted, I give myself one day off a week, but I’m also digressing to make a point. I don’t want to proofread. […]

The old copper top

No, I wasn’t going to put up a picture of that stinking rabbit. Even is that’s exactly how I feel some days. Today is one of them. I get a night out on Friday and a day at the lake on Saturday. This means a ton of prep today and tomorrow. Cleaning and packing and […]