Red Witchy Woman

Even as I prep to release Hedge Doctor: Prom and am polishing Last Call, I’m drafting my second novel, The Red Witch. Today, I’m a little frustrated. It’s a pacing issue. My novels all play with narrative structure. While I kept my shorts and novellas straight forward (For the most part. Talasam and Hunted Down both […]

Matching styles

I’m starting to feel sorry for my critiquers, because my novel is a touch… bipolar. At this point, I’m really frankensteining the thing. There’s a lot of cutting and pasting bits of chapters, and then dashing off 100 or so words to tie it all together. Which is fairly normal for the third draft. The real […]


From my story, Talasam: Sam let go of Matty and sat back in his chair with eyes closed. “I don’t know exactly what happened to them after they escaped. They had a few run ins with the Tribes, but when Mina killed a civilian they had to separate. They knew there’d be no hiding from […]

Publishing Day – Talasam

Matty Grekov is a bundle of paranoia and anxiety, held together by sheer will and the love of his sister and best friend. But when he’s found twitching and shaking on the floor of his bedroom, nothing Mina and Rick can do will wake him. Held captive in his own mind by a creature known […]

Talasam is a go!

Did my text to voice session last night. Talasam is finished, and I didn’t see the point in waiting any longer. So I compiled the .epub, and uploaded to Amazon a few days early. Yes, you can pre-order, but no reading until November 6. Now that Talasam is functional, I’ll be concentrating on Wendigo and […]

Getting on board

Just a little over a week until Talasam is due to Amazon. I’ll have to work on my banners tonight. Normally, I have them up already but bronchitis… I also dropped out of Novel in a Day this year. Some family stuff came up, and it’s way more important. Next year, I am all OVER […]

T-minus two days

Sheepsquatch in two days!   I hope the title intrigues readers as much as it my betas. I had a lot of fun with this monster. Me though, I’m already prepping Talasam for next month.   I want to tweak the cover a little, and I’m finally happy with content. Now it’s two weeks of […]

Looking for a post

Yeah, I’ve been staring at the screen for a few moments, trying to think of something to write.  Things are pretty quiet here. The kids are at school. Sheepsquatch is more or less ready to go.   I’ll listen to it the audio tomorrow (and I’ll live tweet it), but really that’s for my peace […]