Blog Hop: My Writing Process

Apparently, I AM supposed to be a part of this. I got tagged by not just Ripley Nox, but Jesse Pearle and Gina Drayer. Sorry ladies, my head has been directly up my ass the last few weeks. So without further making of excuses, I shall Blog Hop!   1) What am I working on? Lots […]

Short stories and fight scenes

This has been a day for short stories and fight scenes. First off, I am about to have Sam and Dean fight a wendigo. The story I’m publishing on Thursday, The Hunt at the Haunt, is also a short story.  And this morning, I got a great critique on another short, although the fight scene […]

Got some writing done

Still not up to my usual daily word count, but I made progress on that parody.  Unfortunately, I had a massive time slip due to my being depressed. It just occurred to me this morning that I publish in four days and I don’t have a blurb for the next story. I’ll get it done […]

Faking it until I make it

I still have that drag ass, don’t wanna do anything, feeling of ennui. I’m sore, mostly between my shoulder blades. It’s where I carry my tension. And I’m forcing myself to move beyond it. It’s a struggle I am very familiar with. I want to sleep. I can drink twice my normal amount of coffee […]

Day Off

Sat down last night to proofread and nope… I also didn’t get any writing done. Instead I played Civilization V and passed out early. Part of this, I know, is seasonal allergies. The vast majority of  it though is me forcing myself to get up at 5:30. Why? Because I’m more productive if I have 30 […]

Ten days and counting

Back in the publishing train. I have ten days to polish up the latest Uncommon Animals story, The Hunt at the Haunt.  Although, truth be told, I’m not particularly stressed about it. I need to do the usual frantic and inevitable proofreading, but it’s been done for quite some time. Far more fun to contemplate […]

The finale

So it’s two weeks until publishing day. My cover is done. My story is done. I will ask friends about grammar checks and do at least one myself, but The Hunt at the Haunt is ready. The finale… I’m not so sure of the finale. I feel like it drags in the middle. I need […]

Got it done

Finally finished that short story last night. It needs a once over to really make the whole thing gel, but that’s because it took me a little while to understand exactly what story I was writing. Which sounds backwards, I know. But sometimes, that’s just how it goes. One day, I’ll the plot whole, with […]