So it didn’t get done

That story is still unfinished. Every time, I tried to sit down and write this weekend I got distracted. However, I now have an empty house for a few hours, and I worked out how the story ends… more or less. I did however, do some renovating on Monsters of Pittsburgh, so that’s a good […]

Bring on the funny

I’m trying to anyway. It’s really cold this morning and just getting out of bed took so much energy. I’m pounding coffee though, and making outlines. Yes, I am actually making an outline, and doing research. This short is a parody of popular TV show. I need to get it right. While I like Supernatural […]

Revising revisions

I set out to finish my latest work in progress last night. It’s just a fight scene. It’ll be utterly terrible for the first three revisions, and then it might be ok until I get a better idea. But I need to get something on paper if I want to fix it. I ended up […]

Even I had to admit it.

It was time. I needed a grown up blog for my writing. I love tumblr,┬ábut I’m straying from the mission a little over there. So here we start again. My professional blog. My name is Kate. I write about vampires, zombies, witches, werewolves, the apocalypse, and the people fighting all of it. I talk about […]