Too many endings

***WARNING: This blog post contains links to Click at your risk.*** So I made through my cycle of editing last week, and I’ve got a new concern: The end. While I’m not a fan of tying everything up neatly with a ribbon, it feels too long to me. Like Return of the King too […]

Listening Party!

Well for me. Yes, tomorrow, I’ll be listening to Humans, the fifth Monsters of Pittsburgh story. This is one of the longer ones, So I’m expecting this to be an all day event. Look for my comments on Twitter starting around 11 AM (@EdiesHaven). I wish I had a set time, but my youngest has […]

Tropes are not bad

So last night, one of my writer friends was lamenting that a writing group she belongs to has some asshats in it. Specifically, people told her that her characters were “tropes” and then linked to those tropes to prove it. (DO NOT CLINK THOSE LINKS OR THE ONES BELOW. Unless you have some time to […]


It comes from the oddest places. The last two posts have been about storytelling and characters, and were directly inspired by  a series of conversations I’ve been having bout whether or not stories and characters were explicitly gendered. Now, of course, someone always tries to being up pregnancy as something that is gendered. My answer […]

Storytelling Part 2

My husband and I are still arguing about this. It all started out as argument that there should be more women in stories with their own agency. And now my husband and I are arguing structure vs details He believes that the finer details change a story so much as to make every story different. […]


On Tuesday, I busted out 3k words for the Monsters of Pittsburgh finale.  When I finished, I wrote my Insecure Writers Support Group post, and was ready to spend all day Wednesday head deep in drafting. I woke up, opened Scrivener, and… immediately started scrolling Because, you see, my friend bought X amount of […]

Bring on the funny

I’m trying to anyway. It’s really cold this morning and just getting out of bed took so much energy. I’m pounding coffee though, and making outlines. Yes, I am actually making an outline, and doing research. This short is a parody of popular TV show. I need to get it right. While I like Supernatural […]