Child deposit… done

I safely dropped my kids off at school this morning… Only my youngest was excited, but he’s also in kindergarten. The older two were significantly less impressed. Me, I have a bunch of stuff to do that isn’t writing today, and I’ll have a mountain of paperwork to fill out once the kids get home. […]

Listening Party!

Well for me. Yes, tomorrow, I’ll be listening to Humans, the fifth Monsters of Pittsburgh story. This is one of the longer ones, So I’m expecting this to be an all day event. Look for my comments on Twitter starting around 11 AM (@EdiesHaven). I wish I had a set time, but my youngest has […]

Wendigo Live tweeting

I’m doing the listen through this afternoon at 12:30 EST. Wendigo just needs the listen over to be ready for publishing. And I usually have some funny to say, even it’s just giggling over the silly robot voice.  

Live tweeting

Today at 1 PM EST, I’ll be listening to Sheepsquatch for errors and live tweeting (@EdiesHaven). The text to speech function is HILARIOUS when you write Urban Fantasy, so I’ll be entertained to no end. Hopefully, I’ll be entertaining to other people as well.