It’s the first Monday of the month!

Yes, it’s that time again. Chelsea Time! At noon today, you can read the next chapter in my ongoing flash series about a totally normal, non-magically enhanced human, who is learning to hunt and fight monsters. But other than that? Nope, not much. The webcomic is still on hiatus (Miss Ashley Jane got a paying gig!) […]

In a world

…where Mina is on the hunt! Yes, Monday is comic day! And next Monday is a triple whammy, comic, new Chelsea story, and… the final Mina and Matty story. I am surprisingly unemotional about it. For now. The story has been written for over a year. I’ve dealt with all the weirdness. I’m still in […]

New Comic and a new story!

Probably the last one of the year, but NEW COMIC TODAY!! Also, please, please, please, check out Miss Ashely on facebook. She’s not only responsible for our amazing comic, she also does portraits, book covers, icons for websites, logos, social media banners, etc, etc. Also, today is Publishing Day! Last Call: Cease is live. You can read […]

Next week…

Next Monday is going to be very exciting, new comic, new book, and something fun for my artist, Miss Ashley. And yes, comics will be spotty for a few weeks. In addition to the holidays, both Ashley and I are starting new jobs. Once we get settled in the new routine, we’ll get back to […]


I’m at it again. And there’s only so much that I can blame on the Sims. I have to finish coloring the comic so Ashley Jane can add in all the shading and details, and I’m still pruning the word ‘was’ from Last Call. I should be able to finish that today… at least the […]

And we’re BACK!!!

And there is it! New comic! It feels great to type that again. As for writing, yes, I do need to get on the ball with my editing. Things are looking better, but I still don’t feel ready for a November release. At this point, I’m not only obsessing over word choice, but also doing […]