Back to School

Okay, I’m not going back to school, the kids are. And not until Thursday. Still, I was up at 6 AM, and got them up at 6:30. I’m big on being prepared. Which is why being behind schedule sucks. And I am… still. Yes, I am still playing catch and bitching about playing catch up. […]

Getting my act back together

I swear, I get to the topic at hand but first: IT’S MONDAY!!! THAT MEANS COMIC DAY!!! Now that the shameless self-promotion is out of the way…. I have been on a bad extended hiatus. Not writing, barely editing, just a lot of messing around lately. Luckily, September first in the publication of the Omnibus […]

Monday, Monday

No, I am not dating myself. But I might be dating my mother… Anyway, my oldest two children start day camp today. And none of us are happy about being out of bed before nine. Which means that this is probably a good thing. We’re, in a very small way, getting ready for school. Hopefully, […]

And so it goes

I got the beginning of the sequel reworked last night. I’m not sure if I like it, but it does seem to speed things along. I cut about 400 words anyway. The problem is that the tone is slightly different. I’m going to need another pass at the whole piece to see if I can […]

New comic today!!

Check out our ladies being snarky! Also, boobs! Now that I’ve gotten my daily dose of Miss Ashley’s artwork, I have to get back to work. My editing is done, so it’s back to rough drafting for me. For now though, I’m gonna chug some coffee and try to wake up!

Revising my goals

I was looking over my schedule, and I realized that I had to adjust my timeline goals… again. For one thing, as much as I love working on my novels, they aren’t a money making venture… yet. Someday, but not yet. They need more polish and a professional editor. So, for now, I need to […]

Yes, it’s one in the morning

And since I’m up and it’s technically Tuesday, I’m getting my daily writing post done. Also, and I have soooo looking forward to this, it’s a Tuesday, so the web comic has updated. I loved watching  Miss Ashley draw and color this panel. Plus actual dialogue and characters! Now, I’m going to attempt to finish that story I’ve been working […]