#saturdayscenes AND Publishing Day!

Yup! It’s a publishing day! So I have a scene from Wendigo for everybody! *** Dean pulled the Mustang into the post office parking lot. “That’s the phone.” Sam grunted and picked at his teeth with his nail. The silence stretched out, but Dean didn’t know how to break it. Sam stared out the window […]


Comes out tomorrow! Though you can pre-order it from Amazon. This story has a story. And it starts with the original Mina and Matty story: The Hunted. See, I was writing something for a competition, and I desperately needed names. So I stole them from a friend’s book, with permission. So Sam and Rick, became […]

Still stuck

Seriously, I have not written one word on that last story in a week. I tried changing the POV, a tactic that has jumpstarted more than one of my messes I’ve tried editing other stories in the cycle for inspiration. I’m about to start critiquing my friend’s stuff, just to take my mind off of […]

Hello Christmas!

Yes, it is that that time of year again. And really, I’m super stoked. I LOVE this holiday! But, I’m really, really glad I don’t have a ton to do writing-wise this year. Last year, I decided to start the Uncommon Animals series in December. I had no cover, just an idea for one. This month, […]

Wendigo Live tweeting

I’m doing the listen through this afternoon at 12:30 EST. Wendigo just needs the listen over to be ready for publishing. And I usually have some funny to say, even it’s just giggling over the silly robot voice.  

Almost ready

For both Thanksgiving and to publish Wendigo.   I’ll be live tweeting as I listen tomorrow afternoon. Always my last step. This one is just pure fun. If you’re a fan of the show Supernatural, you’ll probably start crying from laughter. Or just cry. I might suck after all. But Turkey Day is almost here, […]

#Saturday Scenes

This weeks scene is from my short story Wendigo: Sam stared at the matte black beauty in front of him. He ran a hand along the sleek lines as he spoke. “1965 Mustang. Automatic?” “Four speed.” Dean’s eyes grew warm as he walked around the car. “Bucket seats, dual exhaust, and all the original leather […]

A crumbled Hunter’s Moon

“Did you know that Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice, and more stairs than San Francisco?” Why did I pick the opening sentence as the one to sum up the last story? Because the entire piece hinges on what Giorgios knows that you don’t. Which is quite a bit. And yes, I know common wisdom […]

#Saturday Scenes

This week’s scene is in honor of Supernatural’s 200th episode. It’s from my short Wendigo, an affectionate send up of the show. *** Sam settled down in Rick’s recliner, grateful for a little peace and quiet. No intense bass boomed from the speakers of Matty’s basement bedroom. The stairs were blissfully empty of Rick and […]

Nothing to do

Well, I have critiquing to do, and I have been doing it, but writing for me… Nope. Nada. Nothing. Wendigo needs proofreading (as always), but really, nothing until I listen to it in a few weeks. And I’m trying not to draft until Nanowrimo. Yes, I AM doing Nanowrimo. I’m hoping to finish my Mina […]