Happy Halloween

Dean sat up. “Isn’t there some weirdness for you at Halloween?”

“For werewolves or Canadians?”

“For were- Wait, they celebrate Halloween in Canada?”

Matty rolled his eyes. “Yes, Canada has Halloween. Why did you think there would be weirdness?”

Maintenance Week

Werewolves is turned in and as clean as I can get it. And because I was feeling ambitious I also turned in the Omnibus Edition of Monsters of Pittsburgh And so starts Maintenance Week. Every three or four months, I have work to do for the publishing side of the business, whether it’s making banners […]

Too cold to think

It’s almost -30 degrees here. I got my editing done this morning, and then turned my other projects… and promptly realized my brain was operating on auto-pilot. I could put in the corrections that other people suggested, but thought… yeah, I’m not capable of it. I’m gonna curl up with a mug of tea and […]

Postponing the freakout

One week until Werewolves is due to Amazon, and yes, I’m trying to stay calm. So far, I’m succeeding. Truthfully, the story is in really good shape. All I’m doing is clarifying. A word here, a phrase there. I was lucky to have a new reader pick it up,  and through it a few weeks […]

Thought to text

I needs it. So bad. With Humans getting ready for publication, I’m already turning to the last two Monsters of Pittsburgh stories. Brownie is fine. It’ll need the grammar checks, but its in good shape. Werewolves though. I had a brilliant idea, wrote it out around Halloween, but somehow it didn’t save. So I’m going […]