So the betas are all over Red Witch, and a few are even combing The Haven again. But these are dense books that require concentration… and Red Witch is still finding it’s way, and that’s a long complicated process that will take years to finish… In other words,  I’m bored. This isn’t to knock my […]

Writer’s Block

No, I’m not suffering from it, at the moment. Just thinking about it… instead of writing. I think it’s a real thing. I know authors who don’t. They really think that if you just sit and force yourself to write, any thing, you’ll get over it. And I smile and nod when they say this, […]

Ain’t that always the way.

So yesterday was a depressing wait through the ice storm for the snow storm that never came.  Today the kids are back at school, so I had my 2.5 hours with no kids (the littlest one does half days) to get some writing done. But, of course, my brain wouldn’t co-operate until twenty minutes before […]


I’m almost there. The final Mina and Matty story is almost done. I have one last fight scene to write, and then it’s all wrap up. Okay, the action sequences are one paragraph descriptions, that will need to be replaced. But I usually have to rewrite them multiple times anyway. Right now, it’s all about finishing […]

Pushing through

Me and Sisyphus, I tell you. It’s the bitch of living with depression. Sometimes, you can see it. You know you’re being a useless lump and there’s nothing you can do about it. I’ve always had a rough time during the winter. With my father passing away this fall, I kind of knew this would happen. […]


For once, not a typo. But I’m still not writing. Well, I am  writing. Just not at the level of output I’m used to. A few hundred words a day, tops. Which is frustrating for me. I love pounding out words. There is no greater joy than watching that word count rise (Well, nothing regarding my kids counts […]


I have been staring at this blog for an hour. The truth is, with Nanowrimo coming up, I have nothing much to talk about.  I did get some help with a translation, which was awesome and so, so cool. More on that next month. And I read a friend’s book, well her partial draft. She’s […]

Nothing to do

Well, I have critiquing to do, and I have been doing it, but writing for me… Nope. Nada. Nothing. Wendigo needs proofreading (as always), but really, nothing until I listen to it in a few weeks. And I’m trying not to draft until Nanowrimo. Yes, I AM doing Nanowrimo. I’m hoping to finish my Mina […]

Changing up the routine

For the last two years, mornings have been my writing time. I was super stoked when my youngest switched from afternoon to morning sessions this year. To me that meant super quiet time, just me and coffee. I figured I’d spend his afternoon nap getting the house in order. Unfortunately, he had other ideas. Once […]