It’s not about writing what you know

One of the silliest adages spouted at writers: Write what you know. If I did that I’d be writing about living in the country, doing community theater, and being a mom. Since I don’t like literary fiction… But seriously, I write about werewolves and witches, and I don’t mean pagans. So writing what I ‘know’ […]

Lazy Story Telling

When it comes to reading material, I’m pretty laid back. I prefer fantasy and the paranormal, but I’ll read just about anything, no problem. If I have a writing peeve, it’s lazy storytelling. That may sound funny coming from someone who sells short stories. But I’m not talking about length. I’m talking about lazy writers […]

200 words

It’s my goal for today. 200 more words to finish the current Matty scene. Then I can switch it over to Mina and give her some action.  And I get a treat! Trying to keep my goals small and manageable so that I keep chugging along. While I hate feeling so behind schedule, I do […]


For once, not a typo. But I’m still not writing. Well, I am  writing. Just not at the level of output I’m used to. A few hundred words a day, tops. Which is frustrating for me. I love pounding out words. There is no greater joy than watching that word count rise (Well, nothing regarding my kids counts […]

Still at it

I wish I had more to say about my writing today. That’s the real problem with the daily writing blog, not every day is exciting. Especially not when I’m editing. I’m mostly picking apart sentences and debating word choice. Making sure POV is consistent and makes sense. Nothing that really changes the plot or is […]

Busy, Busy, Busy

Still working on the opening for the last Mina and Matty series (untitled). I should be able to finish it today… or tomorrow… Sunday at the lastest. It’s already pretty long,  but that’s because there is a lot going on. I have much ground to cover. Not just my plot, but introducing my world to […]

New week, new worries

My husband is out of town for next few days. So I am or may not get more writing done. On the one hand, it’s just me and the kids. On the other hand, they have to start practicing going to bed early and getting up and ready to start their days (no more lounging […]

Master Procrastinator

I am amazing at procrastinating. I know most people would consider writing my daily blog the night before the opposite of procrastinating.  The kicker is that it’s supposed to be a daily exercise. Now granted, I give myself one day off a week, but I’m also digressing to make a point. I don’t want to proofread. […]